iWear Solutions 2018... like Christmas Every Day

January 30, 2018


It has been an incredible 13 months for iWear


First of all, welcome to our brand new blog. We’re very excited to have this new format. We will be transferring old posts over here for your convenience, so you’ll still be able to find all our previously amazing tips.


Wow, what an amazing 2017 and beginning of 2018! So much has happened for iWear it’s difficult to know where to start. This new "business friendly" climate over the last 13 months, combined with an unprecedented Tax Reform bill, has literally made it Christmas Every Day for iWear!


Most of you know the iWear story of starting as a part-time merchandise company for local non-profits, and growing into a national Merchandise/Design/Marketing/Social Media firm.

(if not refer to earlier articles) 


By January 2017, iWear had grown to just over 16 Staff and Strategic Partners. In the beginning of the year, our goals were simple. We wanted to refocus and redefine our “wheelhouse” and make sure we were giving expert level service to our clientele, streamline Client Relationships with Annual Packages, and improve our Customer Support capabilities. In order to accomplish this we decided to reinvest 100% of our revenue into growing iWear.


Throughout the year we not only achieved our goals, but exceeded them. Because of the amazing US economic growth over the 12 months of 2017, we were able to double our staff to 32, expand our Client networks and create 2 new iWear custom platforms for web and app development. These unique platforms titled “iWeb” and “iApp”, are currently available to our Annual Clients and will be offered to the general public  March 1, 2018.


With this unexpected increase in capability and

expansion of our “wheelhouse”, we appropriately

changed our name to iWear Solutions. Now in

addition to providing basic merchandise and web

solutions to clients, we now facilitate full custom Web Development, App Development, and complete Turk-Key e-commerce solutions from design and development, to marketing, sales, and fulfillment. Our Social Media Marketing and Non-Profit Fund Development teams have also grown and will soon have a big announcement of their own with another custom expansion product, servicing Non-Profit and Caused-based clients. "iWear's motto of "Let our team be YOUR TEAM!" was a huge win in 2017", according to Co-Founder Jay Riggs. "iWear Clientele can purchase the efforts of an entire award-winning team for the cost of one or two staffers. That's smart business no matter how large your budget is." Riggs added.  (And that was just up to December 2017!)


But the holiday spirit has not ended for us yet! As we roll into 2018 and are now 30 days in, our 2017 momentum combined with the Tax Reform Bill has just enabled us to Double yet again to over 65! (that’s literally over quadruple growth in just 13 months) Additionally with the corporate tax savings, we are now able to:


1. Pay our new larger staff more $, putting us in the top 10% of wages in our industry.


2. Spend more money on Marketing for our new platforms, thus creating even more sales  and net revenue than we anticipated just 5 weeks ago.


3. Re-invest even more money into our new Turn-Key tech solutions, ensuring we stay on the cutting edge of what our clients need to be set up to win.


4. And let’s not forget the most important part, being Purpose Driven. These additional funds, reinvested into our company, create additional sales which means more net revenue. AND THAT is how iWear is able to give to Causes, Orgs, and Non-Profits. 



iWear Solutions is now be able to be more Purpose Driven than ever before, and help our clients do the same. It seems like the giving season just won’t stop. (and that’s the way we like it)


We are very excited to be living and working in todays economy. Right here, right now, the opportunities for entrepreneurs with good ideas and a great team, are so vast. We are very please to be able to provide our clientele new platforms offering the highest level of products and services we’ve ever had. We hope this economic trend continues and that many other businesses and entrepreneurs take full advantage of this opportunity to grow larger, faster, and more efficiently than ever, and that our clients continue to reap the benefits for years to come. 



Stay Purpose Driven

⁃ iWear Solutions 

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