After 15 years in the Entertainment and Apparel Design industries, the members of iWear's core team helped create a children's Non-profit Org.  Needing to develop custom merchandise, fulfillment, and additional revenue streams, they utilized philosophies, strategies, and values they'd learned, and pioneered a system of "Marketing through Merchandise".


They discovered that you can create massive organic marketing, by intentionally designing merchandise with specific messaging, and by delivering the items with incentivized requests, the buyer will share the vision or message of the brand. (In laymen's terms they created awesome looking stuff that ppl want to wear and talk about.) Included, were a well-drafted set of messaging tools including print, social, and digital that assisted the wearer in answering questions about the organization or cause behind the gear. 

After revising the system for a couple years, they had found a formula, or Design Philosophy, that creates a huge, organic marketing team. The best part is this public team literally pays you, to market "you".


By 2016 this project had grown into a business serving many clients and iWear Merchandise Company was born. The name "i" Wear was chosen for 3 reasons. First "i" names were hot (thanks Apple). Second the "i" stands for "independent", as in "Your Brand", and the company was all about helping you promote you. Third, we thought it was just funny that the merchandise you wear is called "I wear merchandise".


So we created a website and continued to provide Solutions. Our clients grew into three categories,  NPO's, Businesses, and Personal Branded individuals. The common thread is that all have an "independent" identity with a specific message and/or product/service to get out to the public. Our philosophies worked amazingly well and iWear Merchandise Company was born. 

Since we started the company to serve a national NPO, iWear was instantly a national company. Our Marketing through Merchandise was instantly a national success with everything from tee's and polo's, to custom branded mugs, phone cases, and golf balls. As people talked about our products they also began to talk about the company that made them, and within a year iWear was getting requests from new clients every week.


As we took on new clients, we became aware of additional needs they had. We saw a lot of problem areas, or challenges, with new clients from logos and branding to websites, apps, and online store issues. We determined that if we could offer full or "turn-key" Solutions for these additional areas, we'd be even more successful with our merchandise business. So we hired experts in each area and applied our design philosophy to them. We taught our staff to use psychology in all aspects of design, to help the user love the client experience. From the moment a person sees a logo or enters a website, to the decision to purchase a product or service, and all the way through the receipt of that product or service, we created a positive, pleasurable, memorable, and "opt-in" engaging experience. 


It worked. iWear exploded with growth in these additional product and service areas. In 2017 we changed our name to iWear Solutions to better describe what we provide to our clients. As a Solutions company, iWear offers a wide range of TurnKey tools in the iWear Suite which now includes all web/app development, social media marketing, fund development and event management for NPO's, and more.


We also officially added the tagline "Purpose Driven". From the beginning, iWear had a focus on giving to great causes. We provide products and services each month to solution based causes, and thus even our for-profit clients are part of this Purpose  Driven agenda. Additionally, we endeavor to connect all of our clients to causes outside of iWear, so they can learn to become effective givers in their own communities.

We call this iGive.


Having never marketed iWear, we decide in early 2018 to create a design for future growth. This resulted in the new iWear ReSeller program. By focusing on our development team and cutting edge product & service solutions, we were able to create a ReSeller package second to none. With no ceiling for compensation, combined with perks like pro-sports events, celebrity experiences, scuba diving in the Caribbean, ski trips to Aspen, etc... Being part of the iWear team definitely has advantages for entrepreneurial individuals. 


iWear is now growing in all 50 states. Our TurnKey solutions, our 20+ years of expertise, our award winning staff, and our suite of cutting-edge technical platforms, make us the #1 choice for Clients that need solutions, and entrepreneurs that need a team behind them and a superior product line to rep.


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