As an established Real Estate Agent,

you probably have a good marketing plan and a solid lead pipeline.

What if you could add a Lead Generation service, managed by an Award-Winning team and proven platform, for the cost of a part-time staffer?

iClose was created specifically for Agents who have the capacity to service more Home Buyers, and would rather spend their time closing deals than finding them. The platform is an extension of our national Award-Winning iSocial platform, utilized by businesses, non-profits, and personal brands to create large networks and inbound sales funnels.

The iClose platform focuses on generating hot and warm "opt-in" leads, centered around new construction home buyers as well as traditional home buyers. This platform's solution utilizes our Predictive Model Marketing techniques to provide active leads in real-time.

And, if you want to further charge up your Marketing and Brand recognition,

talk to us about bundeling iClose with and iSocial package. In this ever-changing and competitive industry, you need to make sure you are leading the pack with the most modern tools, tech, and marketing, so that you have stacked the deck of success in your favor. 

Maximize your Lead Pipeline with iClose, and let our team be YOUR Team!

iClose Benefits

Premium Platform

Our platform is a "set it and forget" it style platform that allows you to focus on closing hot leads rather than generating those leads.  Spend your time on what makes you money, not on what cost you money!

High-Quality Leads

With our Predictive Model Marketing, you can rest assured that the leads you receive from iClose are high quality leads from buyers who are interested in making an investment in your desired demographic.

Targeted Demographics

The iClose platform specializes in Targeted Demographics. We set up the funnels to filter clients in our Predictive Marketing Models.  This allows you to focus your energy and budget on market ing to the clients and region you operate in. 

Unique Leads for You

The iClose Lead Generation platform is unique to each iWear Client. We set up each account to your individual and specific criteria to deliver you the targeted unique hot leads your looking for and not recylced, resold community leads. 

Guarenteed Delivery

 The iClose platform is the ONLY lead generation platofrm in the industry that guarentees you monthly delivery of targeted, unique, hot leads for new construction and traditional home buyers.

Fast Turnaround Times

Business expectations vary from one client to another and iWear cares about your time and money as much as you do.  Once on-boarded, you can start seeing leads coming in within 3-4 weeks or you can purchase our hot leads anytime by contacting us here >.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team offers phone, chat and email support, and is made up of 100% real people (not bots or auto answer). Our team is located in the United States, speaks English (other languages are available), and they LOVE to serve our clients! 


Honesty and reliability are what prompts thousands of businesses and industry professionals to use the iSocial platform products like iClose and trust iWear Solutions to fulfill their marketing and lead generating needs.

iClose Packages


Gain Warm to Hot Leads

  • Growth Speed: Fast

  • Guaranteed Growth and Engagement

  • Specialized Demographic Targeting




Expand your Hot Leads

  • Growth Speed: Faster

  • Guaranteed Growth and Engagement

  • Increase account visibility with likes on up to 600 niche specific posts per day

  • Initiate conversation with customized comments on up to 100 niche specific posts per day

  • Specialized DemoGraphic Targeting

  • Custom Social Media Graphics

  • Monthly Predictive Speculation Reports




Highest Quality Hot Leads

  • Growth Speed: Fastest

  • Guaranteed Growth and Engagement

  • Increase account visibility with likes on up to 1000 niche specific posts per day

  • Initiate conversation with customized comments on up to 100 niche specific posts per day

  • Personalized messages welcoming followers with your selected “call to action”

  • FREE Automated Engagement Groups Package included

  • Live Support

  • Monthly Predictive Speculation Reports 

  • Custom Social Media Graphics




 Let's start building something awesome together. Simply fill out the form and let us know a little about you and your goals.  We will take it from there!

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