Let our team be YOUR TEAM!

iWear Solutions provides Business Solutions for small, medium, large businesses, and NPO's (Non-Profit Organizations).


We provide a range of Products and Services including:

  • Traditional, Social Media, and Online Marketing

  • Website & App Design, Development, and Management

  • Brand & Logo design

  • Custom Design, Layout, and Printing

  • Video Development & Production

  • Custom Apparel & Merchandise

  • Online Store Development, Management, & Fulfilment 

  • Event Design, Development, & Management

  • Non-Profit Fund Development



We offer individual project pricing and annual service agreements. Annual packages increase productivity by as much as 50% and save up to 20% of standard pricing.


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TurnKey Solutions mean that from start to finish, every project's details are taken care of by your iWear Team. 

From concept to creation, every aspect of your project can be developed, delivered, and managed by your custom iWear Team. 

This provides you a Full-Time result on a Part-Time Budget.



 iWear's national award-winning team of Designers, Coders, Graphic Artists, Marketers, ReSellers, and Manufacturers can do everything from developing your solutions to managing them in-house. We can provide an entire team of high-end professionals, project management software, digital product approvals, and analytic reports while operating multiple projects for you simultaneously, and save you up to 70% off in-house administrative costs. 


We take care of the admin for you. No HR, hiring, firing, employee learning curves, paychecks, payroll & insurance taxes, etc... We provide you with top skilled, industry professionals to create the product and service solutions you need to be able to focus on the passion areas of your business.


If you need Full-Time results on a Part-Time budget, ask your iWear representative about creating a TurnKey Solution today!

Let our team be YOUR TEAM.


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The iWear ReSeller program changes the game!


Would you like to work from home and:

  • Earn a 10% residual ReSeller income annually (plus bonuses and trips) 

  • Earn a 15% residual ReSeller income annually (plus bonuses and trips)



iWear ReSeller offers the best in remote employment:

  • Work for yourself, be your own boss.

  • Deliver referrals, work part-time, full-time, or manage others.

  • Utilize Online Training, personal mentorship, closing assistance.

  • Participate in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual perk programs.

  • Earn company-provided computers, tablets, merchandise, travel, etc... 

  • No Quotas, no minimums, work how you want when you want.



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"Just imagine the buzz that your customers will begin to spread organically when they find out that  their purchases at your business are making an incredible difference in their communities"


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